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Step-by-Step Guide to Install Epoxy Floor Coating

The benefits of Epoxy floors are numerous for garage owners. This is because the floors are highly durable and low maintenance. If you live in Nashville, TN, Garage Floor Coating TN is your ultimate destination for the best floors. Follow the guide to uncover the step by step guide to install the floor coating.

Prepare the surface

Preparation of the concrete floor is necessary to ensure firm adhesion. It is the most crucial step because the process would fail without it, and fixing it would be extremely costly. So we clean any oils or chemicals from the floors as they may resist epoxy from sticking to the floor.

Sweeping and cleaning the floor

Vacuuming the floor before applying epoxy primer is very important. Else, dust particles will be trapped within the coat, giving an unpleasant look to the floors. Our professionals ensure that the concrete is adequately prepared and swept before starting the process, so the adhesion is strong and gives a beautiful finish.

Apply the epoxy primer

This step allows the epoxy to bond with the substrate. Priming gives the floor longer life and better adhesion. Plus, it seals the substrate reducing the risk of bubbles and gases in the final epoxy coat.

We suggest you use properly ventilated areas for the epoxy coats so it takes less time to dry.

Fill the cracks with epoxy

Before coating the floor, we ensure that the floor is free from holes, dents, and cracks. It is another step in ensuring that the end result is a shiny and smooth floor surface.

Apply the first coat of epoxy

After properly preparing the base for epoxy, we apply the first coat of epoxy. This step reveals the floor by showing how the substrate is holding up. Plus, any cracks or holes also get visible.

This first coat is applied with a roller. We use the best rollers to apply an epoxy coat to avoid shedding.

Final sanding

Epoxy takes 16-24 hours to dry sufficiently. After which, you may witness problems like visible cracks, dust trapped within the coat, or line marks. Our experts have years of experience dealing with issues like these. Hence, you do not require to worry as we remove the dirt and debris by a vacuum cleaner and wipe away the remaining dust with an epoxy thinner. The final step is to seal the cracks before proceeding further.

Apply the final coat of epoxy

After completing all the steps when the base coat is dried correctly, and the surface is cleaned, we apply the final coat to obtain a uniform surface finish.

Why choose us?

The process of painting the concrete floors is so simple that many people often DIY the process for their floors. However, we suggest against it if you are inexperienced. This is because epoxy has a short pot life. As our professionals have been experienced in the process for several years, we know how to speed the process before the pot is no longer workable. Hiring our team to install epoxy floor coating will offer you the top benefits of epoxy floors.

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