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Different Garage Flooring Services You Should Know About

Garage facilities need robust, slip-resistant, and long-lasting surfaces to have better compatibility with vehicles. This is the reason many garage owners prefer installing flooring systems over the surface. However, lack of information sometimes leads to wrong flooring installation. Before you install any flooring system, know your different flooring system options. It will help you to choose the suitable one for your space.

1. Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • If you are looking for the most preferred and economical flooring service, epoxy coating is the name many experts will suggest. This coating is done with a coat named epoxy, which is a synthetic resin of polymers and hardeners.

  • The two resins are adequately mixed and applied over the floors. It usually has a depth of two millimeters, but it can vary according to the service and material.

  • Epoxy-coated garage floors are resistant to dust, dirt, chemicals, water, oil, grease, etc. The resistive nature of epoxy coatings has made them highly popular. It helps improve the functionality of commercial garages where several vehicles stand simultaneously.

  • These coatings are available in various unique colors and designs. So, if you want to replicate your own vision, you can do it with epoxy.

2. Polyaspartic floor coatings

  • Polyaspartic coating is another protective layer used for garage floors. It is pretty similar to polyurethane, though it cures faster.

  • The curing time ranges from minutes to a few hours, depending on the temperature and size of the space.

  • The primary reason for installing polyaspartic coatings is to prevent the surface from corrosion. If you're facing corrosion issues with your surface, installing polyaspartic coating is recommended.

3. Concrete polishing

  • Concrete polishing has emerged as an attractive option for commercial and residential garage spaces because it makes the floors easy to clean and maintain.

  • Heavy machinery grinds the concrete surface to get the desired shine and smoothness. It is not a flooring installation, but it can be useful for removing the defects like stains, peeling, abrasion, etc. In short, it can make your already installed concrete floors into a new one.

4. Concrete Finishing

  • Applying the concrete and waiting for it to dry won't give accurate results. Concrete finishing is needed if you want a beautiful, durable, and smooth garage floor.

  • In this process, flooring services shape your surface according to the individual's taste and requirements.

  • It helps in creating more decorative, well-maintained, and organized floors.

Why Choose Garage Floor Coating, TN?

Garage Floor Coating TN provides you with different types of garage flooring services like concrete coating, polyaspartic, and epoxy floor coating for garages. Also, we offer customizable options, and you can give your own touch and taste to the garage space. You can finalize your color and designs from our color chart portal.

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